Innovative Technology: Introducing the 1st In-Line A/C Drain Pump that Clears the Drain Pan and Condensation Drain Line!

Steady Stream Pump is a preventative maintenance product that automates the process of clearing gravity fed A/C condensation drain lines. The innovative in-line design allows condensation to constantly flow through the drain line, when activated the pump creates strong suction (from the drain pan) and discharge pressure that clears clogs and debris.  The timer will be programmed to run for two minutes once a week. If a clog occurs in between the weekly run time the water level sensor will activate the pump, eliminate the clog and turn off.


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STEADY STREAM In-Line A/C Drain Pump: WiFi 7-Day Programmable Timer (Model S100) 

STEADY STREAM In-Line A/C Drain Pump: Digital 7-Day Programmable Timer (Model T200)

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Manufacturer Warranty

Includes a 3 year manufacturer warranty.


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We have two of these on our ac units at home- amazing product. Pumps work great and keep our AC lines clear. Very easy to use and no more manually cleaning out our drain lines. Highly recommend!


I love having a Steady Stream pump! The peace of mind that my AC drain line will stay maintained AUTOMATICALLY is worth it alone. It works exactly how they say it will. Would recommend 100%.


Since installing Steady Stream our A/C has been working 10 times better!

Mike & Karrie

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